Our Philosophy


At Speak With Simon, we believe that no skill is more commonly expected among successful leaders in the public and private sector than being an effective, dynamic communicator.

Unfortunately, a lack of qualified instruction and unbiased feedback often limits the opportunity for professional growth and development as a speaker.

While seminars and public speaking clubs are a great start, we believe that improving as a communicator is a gradual and deeply personal process, which demands the complete attention of a top quality instructor.  Your strengths, weaknesses, inflection, objectives, and speaking style are unique–which is why every session we offer is 1-on-1 and tailored for each client from the ground up.

Whether you are looking for short term assistance for an upcoming presentation or ongoing support, you will receiving our undivided holistic support.  From assistance in organization and structure, to help expanding your projection, vocal range, pitch, tone, and pausing, to learning the skills necessary to connect emotionally with your audiences, our solutions will be customized to provide you the results you need in the shortest time possible.

About Andrew


For the last 15 years, Andrew Simon has been providing speech writing and public speaking consulting services for business professionals, academics, politicians, and community activists.  Andrew has worked with over 200 clients, ranging from congressional and senatorial candidates, CEOs across three continents, college and university students, and more.

Andrew combines his experience as a world public speaking champion with a focus on 1-on-1 instruction to deliver a bespoke learning experience for every client. Whether you are preparing a speech for a wedding or presentation for an AGM, Andrew will help you get the results you need in the shortest time possible.



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