It’s Not What You Say, it’s How You Say It – Connecting With Emotion

When it comes to writing a speech, deciding on the words you’ll use is only half of the job.  Unfortunately, that’s typically where most presenters stop. If you want to take your presentation to a higher level, it’s time that you start spending just as much effort on scripting your delivery. In fact, the emotion and tonality we choose for our delivery can sometimes carry more weight than the actual text itself.  One great example… Read more »

Is your face ruining your presentation?

When you’re describing an awful date to a friend, your face might twist into a look of contempt, reliving a moment in the evening where someone was rude or socially unacceptable.  When we retell a story where someone was unfair or discriminatory to us, or someone we cared about, it’s almost impossible not to give off a look of anger.  Recall a story of the time you ate something that turned out to be slimy or disgusting, and… Read more »