Get intensive, honest, one-on-one feedback on your upcoming speech or presentation from a world public speaking champion.

Practice doesn’t make perfect.  Perfect practice makes perfect.

As a speech writer and communications consultant with over twenty years of experience, I have had a single, primary focus: to give each client I work with the feedback they need to deliver the best speech of their life.

I want to see you succeed.  I want you to leave your audiences spellbound.

To make sure that happens, I won’t pull any punches or waste any time.  When you reach out to practice or improve on your upcoming presentation, you can expect thorough, detailed and actionable feedback on every aspect of your content and delivery.

Whether you’re preparing for a sales presentation, a best man’s speech, a media appearance, or a corporate function, you can expect world class instruction and laser-focused feedback.

I am very interested in building win-win, long term relationships.  For this reason, I am only able to take on a select number of partnerships, so that I can ensure that I have the time and availability required to give every client the undivided attention you deserve.



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