Get personalized feedback on your next persentation from a World Public Speaking Champion.

Get personalized feedback on your next persentation from a World Public Speaking Champion.

No more stress. No more “winging it.”

Just the peace of mind of having a world champion with 20 years of experience helping you review, rewrite and rehearse your upcoming presentation.

Are you…

  • Looking to practice your important
    speech before the big day, and get expert feedback and advice?
  • Struggling with how to rewrite your speech to be more engaging and impactful to your audience?
  • Seeking ongoing training to take your presentation skills to the next level ?

    If you answered YES, then you’ve come to the right place.

    Now…this is probably the part where I’m suppose to schedule you into a webinar as part of some sales funnel.

    But let’s get real.  You’re on a deadline, and I’m not interested in wasting your time with fluff.  I want to get you the results you need ASAP.

    That’s why I offer a FREE 30 MINUTE SESSION.

    As soon as we’re on the call, we’ll hit the ground running.  It’s not a “consultation,” it’s a dedicated 1-on-1 session, focused on giving you the most possible feedback we can squeeze into one 30 minute call or zoom session.

    If that ends up being all you need…great!  There’s no obligation, fees, or annoying email follow-ups.

    If you decide you want to continue with future sessions, we’ll put together a game plan based on your goals, needs, and timeline.

    Packages start as low as $250.

    We’ll be focusing on:


        • The 3 C’s of Content: How to structure a presentation to be clear, concise, and compelling.
          • Delivery: How to use your voice, movement, body language and hand gestures deliberately and effectively.
            • Emotional Engagement: How to trigger powerful reactions in your audience that will make your presentation stand out from the pack.

        My Six Core Principles:


        1. 1)  Your opening 30 seconds needs to grab my attention and engage me emotionally.  Make me FEEL something, whether it’s suspense, laughter, anxiety, anger or curiosity.
          • 2)  A huge part of resonating with an audience is authenticity, and the key to authenticity is congruency.  Your body language, vocals and content should always be in alignment, if you want to avoid looking like you’re “performing” instead of “connecting.”
            • 3)  Storytelling is key.  A single well told story is more memorable and more persuasive than any fact, figure, or powerpoint slide.
              • 4)  A great speech isn’t just a great essay spoken out loud.  Some of the sentence structures and rhetorical techniques that are most effective in public speaking go against nearly every lesson your English teach has ever taught you.
                • 5)  Have a clear through-line.  Having a metaphor or a story that weaves throughout your presentation can be an incredibly powerful way to make it feel more focused and easy to follow.
                  • 6)  Record yourself repeatedly when you practice.  It can feel awkward to watch yourself on camera for many of us, but it’s absolutely the fastest way to review, analyze and improve your performance.

                  Are we a good fit?

                  You mentioned packages start at $250. What would that include?

                  The $250 package includes three 20 minute sessions:

                  -Initial feeedback on our existing presentation and / or delivery.

                  -A secondary session, after you’ve had an opportunity to integrate initial feedback.

                  -A third session, to rehearse or polish up any aspect of your speech before your big day.

                  Are sessions taught remotely or in person?

                  In light of the current Covid-19 situation, all training sessions will be conducted over Zoom, Facetime, or phone.

                  Can you write my presentation for me ?

                  Yes!  I love writing speeches.  However, please note that there are exceptions, such as class presentations, speech competitions, etc. 

                  What does a typical session look like ?

                  One of the biggest advantages of 1-on-1 training is that no two sessions are alike!

                  The main goal of personalized lessons is to ensure that every session is catered to your specific goals, strengths, and challenges.

                  A session can focus on everything from how you deliver your speech (tone, pacing, voice modulation, body language, etc.), to exploring opportunities to improve the content and structure of your presentation, to how to better engage your audience emotionally…and so much more.

                  Whatever your objectives, our time together will be laser-focused on generating you the results you need in the shortest time possible.

                  What is your experience ?

                  In addition to winning a world championship in impromptu public speaking, I have spent nearly two decades teaching public speaking and offering 1-on-1 coaching to students, business professionals, coaches, media personalities, and more. 

                  Ready to Schedule Your FREE 30 minute session?


                  The sooner we get in touch, the more time you’ll have before your big day to integrate feedback, rehearse your delivery, and prepare to truly wow your audience.