Who We Serve
Industry Influencers / Thought Leaders

Who We Serve Industry Influencers / Thought Leaders

Visionary Voices: Communication Strategies for Impactful Leadership

Our tailored training empowers you to elevate your message, deeply connect with your audience, and solidify your standing as a pivotal voice and innovator within your industry.

Are you…

    • Looking to amplify your impact and cement your reputation in your field?
    • Struggling to translate complex ideas into engaging and captivating narratives? 
    • Seeking to enhance your presence and influence to drive forward conversations that matter in your industry?

      If you answered YES, and see these areas as key to your evolution as an industry influencer or thought leader, we’re ready to refine your speaking skills and magnify your sector-wide impact.

      Starting with a comprehensive consultation, we explore the specific challenges and opportunities unique to your role as an industry influencer or thought leader. This deep dive helps us understand the nuances of your communication style and the goals you’re aiming to achieve.

      From these insights, a custom coaching plan emerges. Our strategy involves intensive, personalized sessions focused on enhancing your ability to articulate complex ideas compellingly, engage with your audience on a profound level, and drive conversations that position you at the forefront of your industry.

      These sessions are more than just lessons; they’re opportunities for growth and transformation, designed to refine your narrative techniques and storytelling abilities, ensuring your messages not only resonate but also inspire action and change.

      Our coaching focuses on remote sessions, to provide you with maximum flexibility and convenience while propelling you towards greater clarity, influence, and recognition in your industry.

       Key Training Areas Tailored for Industry Influencers and Thought Leaders:


          • Narrative Impact: The power of a well-told story transcends sectors, turning the abstract into the unforgettable. Our focus goes beyond traditional storytelling, helping you to unearth and articulate narratives that not only define your vision but also galvanize your audience to action. Through immersive exercises, we refine your storytelling prowess to ensure your messages are not just heard but felt and remembered.
          • Clarity & Persuasion: Clear communication is the cornerstone of influence. We strip away the unnecessary, focusing on how to express complex ideas with simplicity and vigor. Our training sharpens your ability to distill and disseminate your thoughts in a way that captivates and persuades, making every word count towards building your legacy as a thought leader.
          • Metaphors and Analogies: The art of drawing parallels that resonate can illuminate and inspire, bridging gaps between your innovations and your audience’s understanding. Our interactive workshops are crafted to unleash your creative potential, guiding you to craft analogies and metaphors that make your insights accessible and engaging. This strategic approach enhances your communication, making it not only clearer but also more compelling.

      My Six Core Principles:


      1. 1)  Your opening 30 seconds needs to grab my attention and engage me emotionally.  Make me FEEL something, whether it’s suspense, laughter, anxiety, anger, or curiosity.


        • 2)  A huge part of resonating with an audience is authenticity, and the key to authenticity is congruency.  Your body language, vocals and content should always be in alignment, if you want to avoid looking like you’re “performing” instead of “connecting.”


          • 3)  Storytelling is key.  A single well told story is more memorable and more persuasive than any fact, figure, or PowerPoint slide.


            • 4)  A great speech isn’t just a great essay spoken out loud.  Some of the sentence structures and rhetorical techniques that are most effective in public speaking go against nearly every lesson your English teacher has ever taught you.


              • 5)  Have a clear through-line.  Having a metaphor or a story that weaves throughout your presentation can be an incredibly powerful way to make it feel more focused and easy to follow.


                • 6)  Record yourself repeatedly when you practice.  It can feel awkward to watch yourself on camera for many of us, but it’s absolutely the fastest way to review, analyze, and improve your performance.

                Are we a good fit?

                Can you provide a cost estimate?

                Industry Influencer / Thought Leader 1-on-1 training starts at $250 / Hr.

                Are you available for training services worldwide?

                Yes! I am happy to facilitate your training worldwide, whether remotely or in person.

                Do you provide speech writing services?

                Absolutely.  We are happy to write and refine your speeches on a one-off or ongoing basis at $1/word.

                What aspects of communication do you address?

                While each set of business and sales professional training sessions is customized to the needs of the client, examples of main potential themes and topics can include: communicating vision and value propositions, non-confrontational communication, effective storytelling, clarity in communication, emotional engagement, presenting for persuasion, public speaking 101, voice mastery, effective nonverbal communication for public speakers, and more.

                What is your experience ?

                In addition to winning a world championship in impromptu public speaking, and publishing a book on content, rhetoric, and delivery, I have also spent nearly two decades teaching public speaking and offering 1-on-1 coaching to students, business professionals, coaches, media personalities, and more. 

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                How would elevating your public speaking abilities amplify your influence and catalyze change within your sector?

                The sooner we start, the faster we can work to elevate your impact and enhance your ability to command the attention of your industry.