Who We Serve –

Executives / C-Suites

Who We Serve – Executives / C-Suites

Executive Influence: Communicating Vision with Clarity and Impact

We provide leaders with public speaking training to effectively convey their ideas, create consensus, and drive organizational change.

Are you…

    • Struggling to articulate your strategic vision in a way that inspires your team and aligns stakeholders?
    • Facing difficulty keeping your audiences excited and engaged?
    • Seeking to enhance your ability to communicate complex ideas succinctly and persuasively?

      If you answered YES, and you recognize these communication hurdles as critical to your executive role, we’re here to guide you toward mastering public speaking and enhancing your leadership influence.

      The process begins with a discovery call, to identify your specific challenges, strengths, and the outcomes you’re aiming for in your leadership communication.

      Based on this insight, we’ll tailor a personalized training program. Our focus is on delivering one-on-one coaching that targets your individual needs with precision, ensuring every aspect of the program aligns with your executive responsibilities and goals.

      Each coaching session is crafted to maximize your personal growth, engagement, and the practical application of skills in real-world scenarios, transforming your public speaking abilities and executive presence.

      Our flexible coaching model allows for fully remote engagement, fitting seamlessly into your busy schedule and accommodating the demands of your high-level role.

       Key Training Areas Tailored for Executives:


          • Precision in Language: In the realm of leadership, clarity is king. The use of acronyms, industry-specific terms, and complex jargon often alienates rather than engages. It’s not just about avoiding these pitfalls, but mastering the art of direct, impactful communication. Our sessions delve into honing your ability to convey complex ideas simply and compellingly, ensuring your message not only resonates but drives action. Through targeted exercises, we’ll refine your language, ensuring you’re equipped to deliver clear, persuasive presentations.
          • Executive Storytelling: There’s a good reason why we can still remember stories and fables we read as a child, yet struggle to remember manuals and PowerPoint presentations a week after our office meetings. As humans, we tend to think and remember in pictures. Unfortunately, too many in the business world have been taught to ignore this basic principle.  Our training redefines your approach to communication, transforming abstract concepts into vivid, relatable stories. By discovering and crafting narratives that resonate, we empower you to weave storytelling into your strategic communication, making your vision and directives truly memorable and impactful.
          • Metaphors and Analogies: When navigating complex ideas or guiding your team and stakeholders through intricate business landscapes, metaphors and analogies become invaluable. They bridge understanding, making the unfamiliar accessible and engaging. Our interactive sessions include dynamic activities designed to spark creativity, enabling you to construct metaphors and analogies that clarify and illuminate your ideas. This approach doesn’t just simplify communication; it enriches it, fostering a deeper connection and understanding among your audience.

      My Six Core Principles:


      1. 1)  Your opening 30 seconds needs to grab my attention and engage me emotionally.  Make me FEEL something, whether it’s suspense, laughter, anxiety, anger, or curiosity.


        • 2)  A huge part of resonating with an audience is authenticity, and the key to authenticity is congruency.  Your body language, vocals, and content should always be in alignment, if you want to avoid looking like you’re “performing” instead of “connecting.”


          • 3)  Storytelling is key.  A single well told story is more memorable and more persuasive than any fact, figure, or PowerPoint slide.


            • 4)  A great speech isn’t just a great essay spoken out loud.  Some of the sentence structures and rhetorical techniques that are most effective in public speaking go against nearly every lesson your English teacher has ever taught you.


              • 5)  Have a clear through-line.  Having a metaphor or a story that weaves throughout your presentation can be an incredibly powerful way to make it feel more focused and easy to follow.


                • 6)  Record yourself repeatedly when you practice.  It can feel awkward to watch yourself on camera for many of us, but it’s absolutely the fastest way to review, analyze, and improve your performance.

                Are we a good fit?

                Can you provide a cost estimate?

                Executive 1-on-1 training starts at $250 / Hr.

                Are you available for training services worldwide?

                Yes! I am happy to facilitate your training worldwide, whether remotely or in person.

                Do you provide speech writing services?

                Absolutely.  We are happy to write and refine your speeches on a one-off or ongoing basis.

                What aspects of communication do you address?

                While each set of executive sessions is customized to the needs of the client, examples of main potential themes and topics can include: non-confrontational communication, effective storytelling, clarity in communication, emotional engagement, presenting for persuasion, public speaking 101, voice mastery, effective nonverbal communication for public speakers, and more.

                What is your experience ?

                In addition to winning a world championship in impromptu public speaking, and publishing a book on content, rhetoric, and delivery, I have also spent nearly two decades teaching public speaking and offering 1-on-1 coaching to students, business professionals, coaches, media personalities, and more. 

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                What would it mean for your team’s productivity and morale if excellence in communication was not just a goal, but a given?

                The sooner we connect, the sooner we can begin the journey of transformation for your organization.