Speech Writing, Editing and Delivery  Support For Keynotes, Thought Leaders, and Ideas Worth Spreading

Speech Writing, Editing, and Delivery  Support For Keynotes, Thought Leaders, and Ideas Worth Spreading

Make a Big Impact on the Big Stage

Get 1-on-1 support for your next big presentation from a world public speaking champion.

Are you…

  • Preparing to give a keynote speech that has the potential to position you as an industry or thought leader?
  • Avoiding invitations to speak at industry conferences and events, due to a fear of public speaking?
  • Interested in standing out from the crowd, and getting WOW reactions from audiences and event organizers?

    If you answered YES, then I’d love to help you achieve your goals.

    The process begins with a discovery call, to get to know you, your challenges, your goals, and your audience.

    From there, we can explore what the journey will look like  to take you from where you are, to where you need to be.

    We will cover every possible detail of your presentation, to support you on every step of your journey. Our goal is for your experience to be as smooth and stress-free as possible.

    We will work together to help you to decide and sharpen your topic, theme, and key takeaways; formulate the main ideas, images, stories, and themes that will give your talk clarity and focus; develop vivid, impactful stories that will perfectly illustrate your key points, while creating memorable emotional narratives for your listeners; draft openings that will grip audiences from the opening moments, and let them know that this will be a presentation worth paying attention to; refine every aspect of your delivery, from tone, to pacing, to pausing, to movement, to body language…and much, much more.

    We’ll be focusing on:


        • A.C.E.R. Speeches: Audience Centric Emotionally Resonant presentations win more competitions period. Too often, speeches fail to generate strong enough emotional reactions from an audience for them to stand out from the crowd. We provide complete deep dives into literally every aspect of how to create emotional rollercoasters for your audience, from choice of topics, to structure, to content, to word choice, to delivery, and more.
          • Rhetoric: One of the most intimidating and overlooked aspects of public speaking training is rhetoric – but understanding it well can offer a speaker an enormous advantage in a crowded field of industry speakers or competing voices. We focus on breaking down “rhetorical techniques” into simple, easy-to-apply steps and exercises. In making rhetoric accessible and understandable, we give speakers the tools to reverse engineer great speeches and understand exactly how to integrate some of history’s greatest speaking techniques into their own presentations. We also use rhetorical devices to help you develop “power phrases” and key lines in your presentation that will distill your most important ideas and key messages into vivid, easy-to-remember takeaways that your audience will remember and share with colleagues, coworkers, and key stakeholders.
            • Storytelling: How to create and sharpen stories that capture your message  and an audience’s imagination. We will help you to develop stories that connect with audiences on deep emotional levels – speaking to the audience’s core wants and needs to command their absolute attention. The journey covers every aspect of story creation, refinement, and delivery.

        My Six Core Principles:


        1. 1)  Your opening 30 seconds needs to grab my attention and engage me emotionally.  Make me FEEL something, whether it’s suspense, laughter, anxiety, anger, or curiosity.


          • 2)  A huge part of resonating with an audience is authenticity, and the key to authenticity is congruency.  Your body language, vocals, and content should always be in alignment, if you want to avoid looking like you’re “performing” instead of “connecting.”


            • 3)  Storytelling is key.  A single well-told story is more memorable and more persuasive than any fact, figure, or PowerPoint slide.


              • 4)  A great speech isn’t just a great essay spoken out loud.  Some of the sentence structures and rhetorical techniques that are most effective in public speaking go against nearly every lesson your English teacher has ever taught you.


                • 5)  Have a clear through-line.  Having a metaphor or a story that weaves throughout your presentation can be an incredibly powerful way to make it feel more focused and easy to follow.


                  • 6)  Record yourself repeatedly when you practice.  It can feel awkward to watch yourself on camera for many of us, but it’s absolutely the fastest way to review, analyze, and improve your performance.

                  Are we a good fit?

                  Can you provide a cost estimate?

                  Absolutely! Most keynotes / presentations cost an “all-inclusive” rate of $100 per minute of speaking time – so estimate approximately $1000 for a ten-minute speech. 

                  How long will it take to prepare my presentation?

                  As a “rule of thumb,” presentations under five minutes can typically be finalized in two to four weeks, depending on your availability, while longer speeches under twenty minutes can generally be prepared and rehearsed in four to eight weeks (with the variation usually coming down to how often we can connect and collaborate). For speeches over twenty minutes, please reach out directly with details for an estimate.

                  What will you need from me to begin the process?

                  The process will begin with a discovery call, in which we will discuss your background, objectives, concerns, audience, and more.  We will also review any existing content you may have prepared. From there, we typically use the first week to refine the key themes, main points, and central narrative of the presentation, before expanding into creating and refining stories, working through the body of your presentation, providing feedback on your delivery, etc.  

                  Can you also help me with my pronunciation or delivery?

                  Yes!  Support for your pronunciation, presentation, and delivery is included in the price of your speech.

                  You will also receive feedback and advice on your pacing, pausing, tone, energy, and more.

                  What is your experience ?

                  In addition to winning a world championship in impromptu public speaking, and publishing a book on content, rhetoric, and delivery, I have also spent nearly two decades teaching public speaking and offering 1-on-1 coaching to students, business professionals, coaches, media personalities, and more. 

                  Ready to Schedule a FREE Consultation?

                  The sooner we get in touch, the more time you’ll have before the big day to learn from our resources, upskill your knowledge of public speaking, and work towards the outcomes you want to achieve.